• FOR EDUCATORS A teenager should already have a strong background in financial fundamentals by the time he or she graduates high school. The lessons here build upon that foundation with discussion of the skills required to meet a lifetime of financial challenges. Learn more »

  • FREE IPHONE APP ON ITUNES The new suite of 29 financial calculators that launched on PracticalMoneySkills.com in April are now available as a free iPhone app at iTunes. Reworking your budget? Trying to figure out what your new car payment will be — or how much your mortgage payment will set you back? There is an iPhone app for that now. Our free iPhone app features all of the calculators you need to take control of your money. Download from iTunes »

  • TRAVEL CALCULATOR Estimate how much money you need to set aside for an upcoming vacation with the Travel Budget Tool. Calculate »

  • ENTERTAINMENT PLANNER An essential tool for party planners, find out how much it costs to organise a fun night out. Calculate »

  • SCHOOL BUDGETING As your child gets ready for the new school year, this handy tool will help you consider all the possible expenses. Calculate »

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